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Facility Optimization: Services


Fiscal challenges, the evolving demands of the twenty-first century learner, and various external market forces are an ever-present reality affecting academia today.  These realities require leaders of higher education institutions to rethink the efficient and effective use of physical facilities and how such use integrates within a broader campus strategic or master plan.  Spaces that yesterday were essential may find themselves obsolete in the face of new technologies, pedagogical shifts, and changing student demographics.  Institutional budgets are under tremendous pressure to diversify revenue streams and address the headwinds of excessive debt service and deferred maintenance.  Facility optimization is essential to addressing these challenges.  


Terra Firma is proud to partner with industry leaders in campus and master planning and facility design and optimization.  Our efforts will seek to align institutional strategy with financial responsibility and operational excellence.   

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Projected length of engagement:

This service is tailored to the client's specific needs.  Therefore, the length of engagement will be based on a mutually agreed upon scope of services contained within the project proposal. 

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