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Facility Optimization: Services


Terra Firma specializes in supporting presidents, senior leaders and trustees of small, private institutions.  Collectively, our team of strategists has hundreds of years of experience as former and current small college executives or higher education consultants with extensive portfolios serving this important and often vulnerable segment of the postsecondary marketplace.


Small colleges have for years now been facing economic uncertainty given static business models, fixed and increasing costs, declining enrollments, and diminishing state and federal resources. The negative impact of these realities has been accelerated during this pandemic. Difficult and timely decisions are required by institutional leaders to establish economic equilibrium and position the institution for survival and future growth. Terra Firma Consulting provides institutional leaders with the insight and support to make such decisions.

The future success of small colleges is inextricably connected to being fiscally solvent, diversifying revenue streams, reducing its over-dependence on tuition revenues and discounting, and establishing substantive partnerships with the corporate, civic, and educational community. Small colleges must be nimble, creative, and responsive to the needs of the marketplace, where academic programs are viable and attractive to students and central to mission. Prioritization of institutional resources is essential and attained through a process of engagement with internal and external constituencies. Strategic plans need to be supported by operational plans with defined goals, objectives, resources and timelines that meet a set of desired outcomes.

Our suite of specialized services for the small college market are customized to address the unique and often urgent demands these institutions face.  And, our pricing model is sensitive to the realities these institutions face, including certain services that are complimentary.  

Our services include:

* The Small College Cabinet Education Series (complimentary)

* The Board Education Series (complimentary)

* Academic Snapshot - a price sensitive service to examine academic programs

* Asset Monetization Services - a unique sale/leaseback/donation program providing immediate capital and liquidity

* The SCORE Audit - Meaning Small College Optimization Renewal and Effectiveness, this 60-day engagement provides six experts who review the areas of finance, enrollment, athletics, facilities, advancement, and academics 

* Expedited and Integrated Strategic and Master Planning

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Projected length of engagement:

Varies:  30 days - multiyear engagements

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