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Small College Optimization, Renewal, and Effectiveness

A perfect solution for small college turnaround and renewal

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Small College Optimization, Renewal, and Effectiveness


The SCORE Audit™ is specifically designed for small colleges.  We know trustees and leaders of small colleges often lack the resources to acquire a broad, objective, executive level perspective on whether and if best practices are being deployed in various segments across the institution.  And we also know these same trustees and leaders need actionable and deployable recommendations to achieve tangible results.  The SCORE Audit™ provides leaders and lenders an efficient and objective way to identify immediate, near-term, and long-term measures to achieve economic equilibrium and institutional prosperity.

The SCORE Audit™ provides meaningful, constructive, timely, and specific advice to reduce expenses, identify and/or redeploy resources, restructure operations, and generate new revenue.

Throughout The SCORE Audit™, your college will receive guidance from six to nine established and proven professionals in the areas of small college finance, advancement, facilities, athletics, academics, financial aid, marketing and enrollment.  In the end, you will receive strategic and deployable recommendations in six core areas at a fraction of the investment to engage these experts on a one-off basis.  Typically, instituting just one or two of our recommendations covers the cost of The SCORE Audit™.

Terra Firma’s SCORE Audit™ offers small college boards and presidents a team of higher education practitioners and consultants who have over 150 years of experience in their respective fields who are specifically skilled at working with institutional leaders of small colleges.  The SCORE Audit™ provides you an economical way of assessing the college in approximately 60-days to prioritize issues, receive qualified recommendations, and begin deploying solutions.

 With Terra Firma's SCORE Audit™, you'll receive:

* 150+ hours of engagement, interviews, and analysis from six small college experts

* Complete administration of the SCORE Board Assessment and SCORE Questionnaire

Analysis of Institutional Finance including budget, income statements, balance sheet, cash flows, financial trends and forecasts, liquidity, controls, pending risks, CFI and key postsecondary DOE stability ratios, rating agency benchmarks, among other measures


* An Operations and Gap Analysis by content specific experts in the areas of Advancement, Athletics, Facilities, and Enrollment

* An Academic Program Demand Gap Analysis Report identifying strengths, opportunities, and challenges within program offerings

* A custom report of findings including full analysis with recommendations for immediate, near-term, and long-term considerations. A minimum of 25+ recommendations are offered to improve and diversify revenues, reduce expenses, and optimize the operational structure


* A presentation and workshop with senior leaders and trustees on Report Findings

* Quarterly check-ins from Project Team Leader to assess progress for one year following completion of the Final Report

Yes- I want to learn more about how The SCORE Audit™ can help my institution! 

Thank you! Dr. Caridi will contact you in the next 24 hours.

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