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Strategic Planning: Services


The university of tomorrow will look substantially different than the university of today.  Declining traditional undergraduate birth cohorts, shifting market demand and alternative delivery preferences, price sensitivity and concerns over return on investment are just a few challenges institutional leaders face.  Institutional strategic plans require private institutions to be mission-centric, market-driven, and margin conscious.  They also must be tethered to aggressive yet realistic academic, co-curricular, operations, financial, and strategic enrollment management plans to achieve success.  Terra Firma offers expedited strategic planning services that will lead the university community through a process of visioning, futures forecasting, and disciplined planning that culminates in a transformational vision and corresponding roadmap to achieve it.


Projected length of engagement:

3 months - 9 months  

Yes - I want to learn more about Terra Firma's Strategic Planning services for higher ed. 

Thank you! Dr. Caridi will contact you in the next 24 hours.

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