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Are your academic programs relevant?  Take a snapshot to find out.


As you know, developing and prioritizing academic programs to achieve critical enrollment goals are among the most sensitive and stressful endeavors. Often, administrators lack the resources they need to discover new opportunities, validate successful offerings, and identify at-risk programs. 

In an era of increasing competition and declining enrollments, it is essential to align academic programs with market demand.  That is why Terra Firma is offering the Academic Snapshot™ providing you insights on your institution’s academic offerings in relation to economic and workforce demand. 

With Academic Snapshot™, we will help you better understand your programs of study in context with your region’s fastest growing occupations and most needed skills.  Academic Snapshot™ will help you identify gaps, pinpoint opportunities, and recognize saturation points. 

With Academic Snapshot™, we do the work, so you don’t have to.  There is no expensive long-term subscriptions and no need for you to understand complex software systems.

Academic Snapshot™ provides you the cost-effective, objective, data-driven third-party analysis you need to support a successful academic planning process. 

With our Academic Snapshot™, you'll receive:

* A validation of your programs of strength, identification of programs at-risk, and information on new potential opportunities


* An economic overview of your designated market area

* A summary report on each academic major including (a) An Awards analysis showing your degree conferrals and net price against that of your competitors (b) An Occupation analysis showing job and salary trends associated with each particular major, and (c) Summative Job Posting and Major Employer data related to the major  


* A market report providing regional job openings data by occupation, location, employer, certification, hard skills, soft skills, job titles, education levels, and program


*An executive summary and discussion of findings 

Projected Length of Engagement:

Academic Snapshot™ is designed to provide you nearly real-time feedback.  Typically, you can receive an Academic Snapshot™ in less than 50 business days!  


This service offering is designed to be an extremely cost effective way to look at all of your major academic programs.  The fee for this service starts at $13,750 for up to 50 programs but is ultimately based on how many programs you have or want to explore.  

Yes - I want to learn more and get a quote to take an Academic Snapshot™ of my institution! 

Thank you! Dr. Caridi will contact you in the next 24 hours.

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