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President, Double L Consulting

Jill Willson

Jill Willson founded Double L Consulting in 2007. Double L Consulting offers a unique, diversified suite of services for the NAIA, NCAA Division II, and NCAA Division III institutions and conferences. Double L delivers customized, expert-level strategy and support to institutions in need of conducting executive searches, athletics program reviews, and strategic planning. Double L covers the bases to produce highly functioning and effective athletics programs that offer student-athletes a collegiate experience that is second to none.  Since 2007, Double L has leveraged its extensive network and trusted, established relationships in athletics to help NAIA, Division II and Division III colleges, universities, and conferences advance their athletics programs, improve community relationships, and build strategies to navigate a rapidly evolving higher education and intercollegiate athletics landscape. Our consultants combine for more than a quarter century of experience in their respective fields  


  • Conducting a Formal Review of the Intercollegiate Athletic Program

  • Strategic Planning and Positioning of the Institution’s Athletic Program

  • Fully understand the complexities of NCAA regulations and bylaws

  • Plan and operate Championships from start to finish

  • Expand your institutional or conference footprint through community engagement

  • Evaluate, monitor, and improve your institution’s gender equity performance to comply with current Title IX regulations in intercollegiate athletics.

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