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President/CEO, SEM Works

The president and CEO of SEM Works, Dr. Jim Black, is an internationally recognized expert in enrollment management as well as in student retention. He has published a monograph titled, Navigating Change in the New Millennium: Strategies for Enrollment Leaders, and five books, The Strategic Enrollment Management Revolution, considered to be a groundbreaking publication for the enrollment management profession, Gen Xers Return to College, Essentials of Enrollment Management: Cases in the Field, Managing the Student Enrollment Obsession, and Strategic Enrollment Intelligence.  Dr. Black is the founder of the Community College Enrollment Management and Student Marketing Symposium and the National Conference on Student Retention in Small Colleges as well as the cofounder of the National Small College Admissions Conference and the National Small College Enrollment Conference. He formerly served as the director of AACRAO’s Strategic Enrollment Management Conference.  Dr. Black has served on the boards of several technology companies and has consulted with companies such as Microsoft, Blackboard, and the SAS Institute. Higher education clients have included over 500 two-year, four-year, public, and private institutions.



  • Student Enrollment in the COVID Era

  • Fundamentals of Enrollment Management

  • Enrollment Management Innovations, Common Myths, and Lessons Learned

  • Recruiting and Retaining Gen Z Students

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