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President, Impact Solutions, LLC

Cynthia M. DeVese, M.Ed., is a highly regarded professional speaker, trainer, education consultant, educator and author. She is a Diversity & Equity Practitioner who has created and established diversity offices for three universities and one school district.  Cynthia supports education leaders in creating an equity framework as she facilitates the Equity Institute for Achieving Equity.  She offers self-reflective workshops to unveil unconscious bias that may impede professional practice.  She also provides Parent University workshops to engage underrepresented stakeholders. In addition, Client Impact, LLC conducts equity external reviews and audits.  Cynthia is the author of two books: Coaching Your Child to Academic Success, 2017 and  The College Prep Planner for College Bound Students, 2019


  • How an Equity Framework Can Help Achieve Equity in Education.

  • Creating a Common Language and Understanding Around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

  • Implicit and Institutional Bias: Understanding Hard History and Moving Forward to the Future.

  • Shifting Cultural Mindset: It Begins With ME!

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